Anna Cabeca Monopause Interview – A Video By Dr. Alan Christianson

As many of my blog readers know I did not really start focusing on my health until later in life which is a big reason why I wanted to share my stories in hopes of getting the younger generation excited about health. While not a topic for the young I think my experience with Menopause can be a great lesson for those of any who age who want to aspire to take better care of their bodies. It was not until Menopause that I really started to understand how truly complex the body was. Going through Menopause taught me how important lab testing and lab tests can be in determining the right medical courses of action to take. It was at this same time I started seeking out and discovering some of the best experts and their respective medical fields and this journey lead me to stumble upon Anna Cabeca who I greatly credit for changing the way I not only think about my body but also really helped me get through and conquer all the struggles of Menopause. Because she is such a big influence on my life I wanted to share this video interview I found of her where she goes over a lot of her beliefs about how to handle this drastic change in the body. Let’s review some of the key points of the video and see what we can learn.

Anna Cabeca Monopause Interview Key Point #1: Early Trauma and PTSD Leads To More Fluctuations During Menopause

I had a pretty rough childhood growing up so this was a big revelation to me that this early trauma could still be impacting my body today. The interview really details how stressful situations and experiences cause hormonal imbalances that can really play tricks on our body. With right lab tests and proper care the body can correct itself and this is exactly what happened to me once I started becoming more in tune with the underlying root causes of the pain. It was this interview that really got me to start thinking in the right direction.

Anna Cabeca Monopause Interview Key Point #2: Spiritual Healing, Soul Healing, Physical Healing and Mental Healing All Play In Part In Getting Better

I really enjoy how Anna approaches medicine not only from a scientific standpoint but from many other perspectives as well. She likes to look at the total picture of person before giving assessments on what treatments might be best for that individual. Some of us need to work on our minds more then our bodies and vice versa. Sometimes we need work on the outside and sometimes we need work on the inside and its about using the proper tests and lab results to determine what you need to improve upon to have you feeling your best. She even invented keto alkaline test strips for your urine which are a great way to stay on top of how your body is functioning overall.

As you will see the video is a great watch and there is a lot of really fantastic health information to be found throughout. Its a great interview and one I really recommend people of all ages to watch as its a great inspiration as to what’s possible when you treat your body correctly and focus on a more natural and balanced approach to wellness.

3 Must Attend Health Events Each Year

A large part of staying healthy is keeping up with the latest trends, information and data in the industry. Science and techniques are constantly changing while new insights are being developed and revealed within the health space so its always wise to try on top findings if you want to keep your body in best shape possible. While you can always read up on studies and stay informed through online communications and connections there is also a lot to be said for hitting the road and discovering the latest and greatest in the practice of medicine. If you do enjoy learning about health here are 3 events I would highly recommend attending.

Must Attend Health Event #1 – Health Datapalooza (May)

An effort to improve health care through direct, expanded and innovative use of data Health Datapalooza attempts to shed light on health information that was once previously difficult or impossible to access. Health Datapalooza makes improving patient care through the freedom of health data a true possibility. A collaboratives between companies, startups, academics, government agencies and individuals this is one innovative event that is well worth attending.

Must Attend Health Event #2 – Annual Connected Health Symposium (October)

Widely considered a vehicle for change type conference where influencers and connectors come to gather, the Connected Health Symposium is a place filled with the future of health, technology, research, human behavior and public policy. Always full of fresh ideas and original high-quality content this one health industry event you do not want to miss.

Must Attend Health Event #3 – TEDMED 2016 (November and December)

If you are a big fan of the TED Talks like I am then the TEDMED conference should be right up your alley. Its main goal is to bring science and the general public closer together by developing and sharing common stories that teach, inspire, engage and encourage action. Built upon a broad, passionate community focused on health, wellness and medicine TEDMED is filled with a diverse sector of experts from all walks of life. One cool part of this get together is that there is TEDMED Live which features some live streams of this great event.

As you can see there are just so many wonderful health conferences every year and going to one or two occasionally can go along ways towards improving how you think about your own health. Know of a cool health event you think I should attend? Let me know on the blog as I love to to check out new stuff.