3 Interesting Questions About Vaping and Your Health – A Thought Provoking Look At Puffing

guide-to-electronic-cigarettes-vaping-1101016-twobyoneWith a strong interest in health we are always reviewing and researching the latest consumer trends to see just how the changes may be impacting our body.  We also are always vary curious about what people are discussing on the internet to get a better gage for the most recent and relevant health topics of the times.  One such subject we have seen popping up lately is the new concept of vaping and using portable vaporizers and there certainly a lot of wonderful research, studies and debates coming from this new innovation.  Does it help you quit smoking?  Is it harmful to my hearing?  Its really about gathering all the information from informative places like a Pax 3 review.  There are lots of great discussions stemming from this one topic so we wanted to take a minute to go over some of our favorite vaping health questions we have see around the web.

Vaping and Your Health Question Number One: Will Vaping Effect My Yearly Fasting Blood Tests

Things like diabetes and insulin are a huge part of what we discuss in health today and this questions really ties into this general health subject revolving mostly around sugar and if vape juices and or concentrates have sugar ingredients that will impact blood testing.  The general consensus on this one seems to be it will not impact on the outcome of most blood tests.  As always if you do have serious health questions or concerns we always recommend consulting your local trusted qualified physician.

Vaping and Your Health Question Number Two: Does CBD Hemp Oil Cause Someone to Test Positive on a Drug Screen?

If you are vaping with something like the Pax 3 then you may be enjoying some of the sweet of rewards of using CBD hemp oil and vaporizer concentrates but does this impact drug screens?  It will ultimately be up to how much THC is in your oils and concentrates combined with the exact requirements and guidelines of the actual drug tests.  Our recommendation is to either stop vaping CBD for awhile before taking your drug test then continue afterwards or if you really need the medicine it can be worthwhile to discuss your health needs with the employer before you go forward.  This will be a personal choice that carries some risk but many companies are becoming more understanding to the needs of CBD hemp oil users.

Vaping and Your Health Question Number Three: How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System If You Vape?

Many people are enjoying vaping eliquids with only small amounts of nicotine in an effort to quit cigarette smoking.  So there is tons of discussion about how nicotine is integrated into the vaping world and one of the questions we always see pop up is how long does nicotine from a vape pen or portable vaporizer stay in your system?  We have seen varying answers from three days all the way up to thirty days so we have not even find a real clear cut medical opinion yet.  Have you seen any medical research that highlights the length that nicotine remains in the body?